Measurements: 7 cm - height


Description: A small Roman glass bottle, featuring a cylindrical body, with a short neck and folded rim. The surface of the glass displays some beautiful iridescence and it is covered with multi-coloured layers and some earthy encrustations. The colour of the iridescence ranges from the bright green to a light shiny mother of pearl like white colour. The iridescence of this piece is a result of chemical process that occurred after the vessel was buried, providing it with a nice glow. The iridescence on ancient glass was unintentional, caused by weathering on the surface, and the interplay of lustrous is due to the refraction of light by thin layers of weathered glass.


References: The Metropolitan Museum


Period: 2nd – 4th century AD


Condition: Very fine. The item is intact with a dark layer and some earthy encrustations on the surface.

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