Measurement: 9.5 cm – height


Description: A free-blown glass vial-shaped unguentarium of a light blue colour with elongated body flowing into cylindrical neck, with folded rim, on a flattened base. The vessel has five deep indents over the length of its body. Made of lower quality glass as it shows numerous small and medium bubbles. Its natural bluish green colour was achieved by addition of the copper oxides to the glass while in furnace.


Unguentaria are one of the most common objects of Roman blown glass produced in large numbers. They were items of everyday use for keeping expensive perfumes and cosmetics.


Reference: Olivier, A. Jr., Ancient Glass at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, 1980, no. 89.

The Corning Museum of Glass


Period: 1st – 2nd century AD


Condition: Very fine, intact. Earthy incrustations to the exterior over the light blue iridescence. Small and medium bubbles visible.

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