Measurements: 8.3 cm – height


Description: A Roman blown glass unguentarium with a globular body. The vessel is modelled with four round indentations to the middle line forming a five-sided shape convenient to hold. The cylindrical long neck with constriction at its base ends in thickened rim. The vessel has a flat pushed-in in the centre bottom. The colour is inconsistent, ranges from the dark blue to light greenish blue.


Unguentaria are one of the most common objects of Roman blown glass produced in large numbers. They were items of everyday use for keeping expensive perfumes and cosmetics.


Reference: Sotheby’s Parke Bernet & Co, The Constable-Maxwell Collection of Ancient Glass, London, 1979, no. 269.

The Corning Museum of Glass


Period: 3rd century AD


Condition: Very fine. Earthy encrustations on the exterior over dark purple-blue-green iridescence; with chip to the rim; stress crack to the bottom.

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