Measurements: 6.6 cm − width, 3 cm − height, 1.8 cm − internal diameter, 2.2 cm − external diameter


Description: An European Bronze Age spectacle ring in hand wrought bronze. This piece has been expertly formed from a single piece of circular wire, twisted into two tightly coiled spirals decreasing in thickness from edge to centre, finishing in small central volutes. This piece has a smooth dark green patina. The shape resembles spectacles from where the name of this type of ornament originates. The conjoined spiral is amongst the oldest of images from ancient Europe, prevalent as early as the Neolithic period, and likely had significant ritual or supernatural connotations. The period from 2000 to 1000 BC is marked by the rise of warrior elites in western and central Europe. Distinguished by ritual, wealth and equestrian culture, these elites collected weapons and precious trinkets, which archaeologists have found buried in their graves.


Provenance: German private collection.


Reference: MacGregor, A., Antiquities from Europe and the Near East in the Collection of the Lord McAlpine of West Green, 1987, p. 96 & 98.

Harding, D. W., The Archaeology of Celtic Art, 2007, pp. 33-34.


Period: 14th - 9th century BC


Condition: Very fine, with appealing dark green patina over the whole.

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