Bronze Age Spiral Bracelet

£ 2,000.00

A beautiful, good-sized Celtic bronze spiral bracelet with tapering ends. The spiralling band of bronze displays some etched decoration on either end, just as the metal tapers into the finials. A raised groove runs along all the central section on the bracelet, making this object very visually appealing. This elegant item of jewellery would have originally been gild with gold, traces of which are still visible on some parts on the bracelet.

Date: Circa 15th-12th century BC
Period: Bronze Age
Provenance: From a UK collection, acquired in the 1990s; formerly in a USA collection, acquired at Palm Springs Antique Fair, Florida.
Condition: Very fine, beautiful, rich olive-green patination. Traces of the original gilding. Some earthly deposits.
Product Code: CES-24
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Despite their long history, the meaning of spirals is still the subject of debate, especially as changes in the number and direction of the spirals is believed to change their meaning. The clockwise spiral was believed to represent the Sun – a popular motif in the early art of many cultures. Supposedly, a loose spiral represented long summer days, whilst a tightly wound spiral represented the shorter days of winter. Spiral patterns, although associated now with the Celtic people, have in one form or another, been used in the art of many cultures worldwide.

To learn more about art and culture in the Bronze Age, visit our relevant blog post: The Bronze Age.

Dimensions W 9 x H 17 cm

Bronze, Gold


Central Europe

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