Bronze Age Spiral Electrum Hair Ring

£ 1,650.00

A substantial European Bronze Age electrum hair ring. A coiled round section electrum bar with one flattened terminal, the other broken off. Due to the substantial nature of this hair ring, it must have likely been worn by a member of the wealthy class of society. Weight: 15.66 g.

Date: Circa 3200-600 BC
Condition: Extremely fine, due to the large size this hair ring can be worn as a finger ring. UK ring size: Z+2. Please consult a professional jeweller for alterations.
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Spirals, especially in gold, were commonly associated with the Sun in ancient European cultures, with a loose spiral representing the long days of summer and a tight spiral, the shorter days of winter. Such rings would have been placed amongst burial goods. From the early Bronze Age in Europe, burials became more individual, with the deceased laid to rest in individual, rather than communal, barrows. As a result, grave goods became more varied and personalised, including the jewellery worn by the deceased during his or her life.

To learn more about art and culture in the Bronze Age, visit our relevant blog post: The Bronze Age.

Dimensions W 2.7 cm

Central Europe



Reference: For a similar item, National Museum Wales, item number 59.557

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