Bronze Age Twisted Torc

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A bronze penannular torc of open ring shape expertly formed from a single piece of circular wire that has been twisted to create a spiralling effect around much of its length, worn around the neck. It decreases in thickness from the middle to the ends, which are bent back to form scrolled terminals. Writhen torcs of the type survived from the Nordic Late Bronze Age into the Early Iron Age, most commonly with hooked ends and with periodic changes in the direction of twist.


Date: Circa 3200-600 BC
Condition: Very fine, with attractive verdigris patination over the whole, one terminal damaged, encrustations over the whole.


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Commonly mentioned as spoils of war and made from different metals, torcs were not merely military decorations for men. Quite possibly such necklaces served as indications of ranks, status and power. Torcs may also have had religious associations as such objects appear on the figures of Bronze Age and Celtic deities. Designs could vary from very simple to extremely elaborate pieces, in various metals, including gold. Some torcs were probably used as rattles during rituals, or otherwise, because of their great size and weight, put on statues as votive offerings.

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Dimensions W 16.5 cm



Western Europe

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