Celtiberian Bronze Knot Fibula

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A bronze Celtiberian annular fibula consisting of a square-section outer ring with central domed body with a knot of Herakles decoration. The fibula’s spring and pin are missing, however the catch plate is intact. Item is suitable for modern wear as a pendant.


Date: Circa 3rd-1st Century BC
Provenance: Important Spanish collection, 1970s.
Condition: Fine, with dark green patination. The spring and pin are missing.


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The Celtiberians were Celts inhabiting the central-eastern Iberian Peninsula during the last centuries BC, until the Roman conquest of the region in the 1st century BC. Celtiberians were the most influential ethnic group in Iberia when Carthage and Rome began their conquests. During the Second Punic War the Celtiberians served often as allies or mercenaries of Carthage in its conflict with Rome, and crossed the Alps in the mixed forces under Hannibal’s command. Celtiberians’ metalwork technique displays similarities but also differences with Celtic tribes of central Europe, those of La Tène culture.

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Dimensions W 5 x H 2.3 cm



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