Measurements: 8 cm length


Description: A Romano-Celtic silver fibula featuring an elongated diamond-shaped rhomboid catch plate and an original and intact pin. The fibula displays a nicely rendered geometric decoration comprising incised lines, forming a cross to the centre of the brooch’s plate. Further incised geometric decoration to the plate’s edges.


In the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, fibulae or brooches were originally used  for fastening garments, coming in a variety of shapes, however all based on the safety pin principle. During the  Roman Empire  the use of the fibula spread, becoming the basis for more complicated and highly decorated brooches, modelled in bronze, silver and gold and further enriched with precious and semi-precious gemstones. By the Middle Ages, the Roman safety pin type of fibula had fallen into disuse.


Period: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD


Condition: Complete and intact with nice pale green patina to the surface.

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