Selection of Western Asiatic Stone Seals

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An attractive selection of ancient seals featuring different colours and made from a variety of semi-precious stones, each uniquely shaped. Each seal has a hole for suspension and portrays a fine example of engraving.

Date: Circa 3rd Millennium – 2nd Millennium BC
Provenance: Ex Robin Symes gallery, Mayfair, pre 1999.
Condition: Very fine, some chips and signs of ageing.
£ 150.00£ 220.00
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Mesopotamia has been regarded as the cradle of ancient glyphic arts, with the earliest cylinder seals proven to have been firstly executed during the Bronze Age, circa 4th Millennium BC. Each following a period in Ancient Mesopotamian history which contributed to the developing styles and techniques of glyphic arts. Zoomorphic, mythical creatures and religious scenes became one of the most favoured decorative repertoires applied on cylinder seals. Commonly, these seals were fastened around the neck for easy access. The engraving of stylised animals left an impression significant to a signature.

To discover more about Ancient Mesopotamia, please visit our relevant blog post: Civilisations of the Ancient Near East and Mesopotamia.

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Near East (Western Asiatic)

Semi-Precious Stone

Agate, Chalcedony, Hard Stone

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