Ancient Roman Bronze Achelous Plaque

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A beautifully rendered and finely detailed Ancient Roman bronze appliqué of circular form, depicting the head of the Greek river-god Achelous, son of Oceanus and Thetys. The deity is here identified by his distinctive curly hair, beard, and bull-like horns. The flat, unworked reverse suggests that this applique might have been attached to a box or a piece of furniture.

Date: Circa 1st Century AD
Provenance: Formerly part of the collection of Lord McAlpine. Sotheby's, A Cabinet of Curiosities: the Property of The Lord McAlpine of West Green, London, 17th February 1994, no. 85.
Condition: Very fine. Vivid detailing still visible and bronze in excellent condition. The item is mounted on a custom made velvet stand, ideal for display.
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In ancient Greek mythology and culture Achelous was the original deity of all water, later being associated with rivers, bearing the same name as the largest of all rivers in Greece. Achelous was known for his polymorphic abilities, and is often depicted as a bull with a human head. According to Greek mythology, Achelous was famous for his battle against Herakles to conquer Deianira, but was eventually defeated by the hero, who married her in his place. Achelous was part not only of Greek religion and mythology, but also of Etruscan and Roman ones.

Dimensions W 8.2 cm

Southern Europe



Roman Mythology


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